Andrzej Fricze

I’m web developer experienced in JavaScript/TypeScript, Clojure and Python. I live in Kraków, Poland. I actively work in tech community as speaker, mentor and event organizer.

I was a mentor for various programs and events organized by:

Join me on Twitch - friczecom, to learn about latest Web Platform features.

Check out slides from my latest presentation: „Web Development Tailored for 2024”.

You can invite me to your meetup or conference. I’m happy to speak about new Web Platform Features, React performance, and front-end state management.

Event manager

I have organized several dozen of meetups. Most of them under meet.js Kraków brand.

I co-organized following IT conferences:

I also organized concerts for hip-hop duo „Flaszki i Szlugi” in Kraków clubs: Bomba(†) and Szpitalna 1.

and streaming on Twitch, documenting how I learn about new Web Platform features

Besides that, I’m trying to comprehend economics and social life. If you listen to this recordings, tream them as reason to make your own reserach or as discussion starter. I’m not expert nor extensively educated in this areas.

Lastly I’ve spoken at:

Software I love

My inspirations

If you’d like to chat with me these are good conversation starters:

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